Bucharest – among the most polluted cities in Europe

Few days ago I read an article which revealed Bucharest ranking as the second most polluted city in Europe. This brought me back to what I saw earlier this month, in a village not far away from the capital. Below are photos of apple trees growing in Adunații Copăceni (Giurgiu), a commune located at about 15km south from Bucharest. Strolling through the orchards, I noticed the bad shape the apple trees were in. According to the villagers, this is what’s left of their harvest, after the last waves of hail and acid rains in Mai-June.

Apples Ilfov

Lazy afternoon on the Spree

Was having having a drink with some friends on the river side in Berlin Mitte when suddenly we began hearing voices, singing together: “What is love, baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more…” A moment later this thing showed up in front of us.

Summer Berlin Spree River _DSC9405