no more keeping my feet on the ground

A day in Bucharest.

– 2 really interesting business meetings.
– attended  a local SEO meet and exchanged business cards with lots of cool people. Networking for the win!
– through Elena Cîrîc I found out about the “Dream Big” conferences right about 30 minutes before they started. The event was a perfect match in my schedule. I was fortunate to listen to the life stories of Dragos Anastasiu and Wargha Enayati – truly inspiring personalities, who were once given the chance to leave Romania and instead chose to stay and fight for a better future.
– almost got hit by a car.  As I was pedaling my way through the parked cars, the door of a cab opened up and nearly smashed me into a nearby  phone booth. Luckily, I was able to avoid the scene and got away with a few bruises. Right after the “accident” a lady stepped out of the cab, pointing a numb face towards me.
– last week we applied with our tea shop for a start up financing program. We got accepted to the next step, which means that the next two weekends will be filled with business workshops, help by some of the top entrepreneurs in the country.

I’m once again tired, exhausted, but happy, and I can feel excitement pumping through each of my veins. Impossible to get a day like this in Berlin.

My my! Time flies…

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  1. I guess that the speaker you’re talking about was Mr. Dragos Anastasiu – owner of Eurolines company. You’d better correct the name if you want to “Dream Big” 😉

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