I’m once again in Bucharest, the crazy, little city you always see me talk about. Today I passed a police officer in Rahova. The street was full of still standing cars, heavy CO2 and angry drivers – the usual midday traffic jam. Suddenly, a guy from one of the nearby cars unfastened his seat belt, opened the car window and began shouting towards the police officer:

Şefu, are ceva dacă merg fără centură? (rough translation: “Boss, do you mind if I drive without using the seat belt?“)

The officer answered:

Sigur, dar doar dacă dai centura de două ori pe gât şi-apoi tragi tare. (“Sure, as long as you tie the seat belt twice around your neck and then pull real hard.“)

Boy, I almost fell off my bike laughing… You see, in spite of the dirt, corruption, injustice and everything else, these absurd yet magic moments make Bucharest so incredibly delightful.

Bucharest 2012


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