Metro ride in Berlin

A lot is going on and at the same time so little. Exams are getting closer and every day seems to be the same: I wake up at nine, take a shower, eat some quick breakfast and head to university for 2-4 hours. I take the S-Bahn from Nöldnerplatz to Friedrichstraße and then walk two more minutes to the university building. Every day I see the same buildings, the same people. It’s been 3 years since we moved to Berlin and we never found the time to explore this gigantic city.

Urdu and Hindi is going well, I’m finally managing to reproduce a few of my thoughts. I need so much more practice, a trip to India would be perfect. I’m a little behind with Portuguese, learning 3 languages at the same time is more difficult than I imagined.Even though I know I don’t have the time for a 365 project, In spite of the cold and the hurry, I try to force myself to take the camera with me every time I go out. Sometimes it works and I come back home with one or two new snapshots.

Near Friedrichstrasse, Berlin

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