Photo of a Bikewalk in 2010

We, Romanians, have a very strange and incoherent lifestyle: constantly dissatisfied with the country we live in, we whine about our fate EVERY DAY, but NEVER act to bring about change. We are the gossip world champions, we make complex jokes and develop theories on how particular problems could be solved. After that we gossip some more about corrupt politicians, who steal our money and spend it on luxurious cars and expensive vacations in the Maldives.

I admire the cyclists of Bucharest because they are one of the first communities that liberated itself from this sort of social paralysis. They are the first who came out in public and took action about their dissatisfaction  It all started 4 years ago, when a group of 14 people organized, what was called Bikewalk 1, and did a group city tour on their bikes. The event was followed by Bikewalk 2, were the number of participants remained roughly the same. The whole movement proceeded to Bikewalk no. 3, 4, 5 and countless other critical mass rides, which enjoyed hundreds of participants, slowly forming a community of cyclists.

Right now I’m in Berlin and Bucharest seems to be the place where history is being written. Can’t wait to fly back home and be a part of everything.