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The Ultimate Guide to Learning Hindi for Free

the Devanagari alphabet

I have always felt this inexplicable attraction to distant places and foreign cultures. Things I knew nothing about seemed a lot more interesting than things I’ve been familiar with. That is why last year, out of all the undergraduate studies in the world, I chose to focus all my attention on India and Pakistan. First and foremost it implied I would start to learn at least one language related to these countries. With zero background knowledge on South Asia, I went for Hindi, as it was one of the praised language courses available at my university.

It’s great to have a teacher guiding you through all extremities and challenges of learning an entirely new script and language. Unfortunately, in my case it didn’t work out that well, and for this only I am to blame. I have always been more of a self-taught learner and, rather than to stick to the rigid 2 x 90 minutes of intensive grammar course, I became curios to explore alternative learning approaches. On my small trip to learning Hindi I stumbled  over lots of interesting online resources and courses, most of them free and available for anyone all across the globe. I made a big list and hope that it will be useful to any future Hindi speaker.

Enjoy! :)

Introduction & Learning the Devanagari Script

Online Lessons

  • hindilanguage.info – portal with information about the Hindi Language. Good guide for learning the Devanagari Script and excellent articles on Hindi Grammar.
  • learning-hindi.com – Hindi lessons from natives, free of charge. Verb tenses are very well explained. This site helped me figure out how to form and differentiate the past tenses.
  • ispeakhindi.com – another quite sweet Hindi learning community. Great grammar lessons + audio files (help you get a grip on the pronunciation). The people there are really nice, always open to help you out and answer any of your questions.
  • Hindi Speaking Tree
  • A Door Into Hindi – this one’s among the sites that I am mostly grateful to. Bahut Shukriya Prof. Afroz Taj! :) Also check A Door Into Urdu.
  • 1000 Hindi words for beginners
  • Youtube Hindi University – I have watched a few of the videos from this channel, they seem nice. Though they seem to take you only to a certain level, I’m not sure if they’re useful to learners who are already past A2/B1.

It all starts with “Namaste” :)

Applying and practicing your Hindi knowledge

  • Livemocha.com – there’s a full Hindi course available here, though I don’t recommend it for beginners. The vocabulary lessons are filled with mistakes, everywhere different Hindi dialects get mixed up, which might confuse a fresh newbie a bit. What I do recommend is to do the Speaking and the Writing exercises, these are a great opportunity to practice your communication skills. On LiveMocha you can write Hindi sentences or record a sample of your spoken Hindi. Natives will then correct your mistakes and even share a few learning tips with you. The people there are very friendly.
  • Coke Studio India & Coke Studio Pakistan – two amazing projects aiming to encourage young artists of India and Pakistan to revive the music scene. The best way of learning a new language is to study the culture behind it. Notice that most songs are in Hindi/Urdu, but some are also in Punjabi, Balochi, Sindhi and other languages.
  • italki.com – once you acquired some basic Hindi vocabulary,  register at italki.com and start looking for a suitable language partner. Even though you’re miles away from India, through this portal you can practice your conversation skills by connecting on Skype with a native Hindi speaker.
  • TryingToLearnHindi – Blog filled with Hindi music and movie recommendations.
  • Hindi on Transparent.com – Blog with poems, stories, songs and many more resources in Hindi. Once in a while they also post interesting vocabulary lists and short grammar lessons.
  • Digital Library of India
  • Housefull – The Learn Hindi From Bollywood Movies Podcast – Arun Krishnan is the guy behind these incredibly entertaining podcasts, he really puts the fun into learning Hindi. In fact, I came to like his Hindi lessons so much, I even bought his book on Amazon.
  • BBC News in Hindi
  • NCERT Books – download Hindi and Urdu textbooks that are used in Indian public schools.
  • NCERT and CBSE books – over here even more Hindi/Urdu textbooks.
  • List of Hindi Idioms – so far this is one of the longest lists of Hindi Idioms I was able to find. Unfortunately all idioms are transliterated into Latin script and I can’t quite figure them all out. I’m hoping to update the list into Devangari one day. Also check Prof. Tej K. Bhatia’s Basic Hindi/Urdu lessons published at the Syracuse University, NY.
  • Watch the first seazon of Satyamev Jayate with Aamir Khan online. Each episode has runs for about one hour and it has English subtitle, allowing any Hindi learner to grasph through most sentences and learn a few new words every day. It also gives you a lot of insight into how natives use Hinglish (the daily spoken language,  characterized by spontaneous intersentential and intrasentential code switching between Hindi/Urdu and English).
  • Watch lots and lots and lots of Bollywood movies. No need to buy or download them, as most Bollywood movies are available on Youtube with English subtitles. For example, here’s where you can watch 3 Idiots, one of India’s most popular comedy movies of all time.
  • Bollymeaning.com – lots of song lyrics translated into English.

 Dictionaries, Translation Tools and Useful Phone Apps

  • Google Translate – whole sentence translations are far from accurate. Though, the tool can be quite handy for 1-2 word translations.
  • Hindi Shabdkosh
  • AnkiDroid Flashcards – You can start by practicing Hindi words from one of the premade decks or create your own set of words from scratch.
  • Google Input Tool – use this tool to type Hindi using the Latin script and get it automatically converted into Devanagari. More on how to type Hindi in Devanagari read here.

Other Lists

In the past year it turned out that there are more Hindi learners in the world than I had expected. In fact, there are so many of us that there are already a few quite interesting lists of online resources for learning Hindi. Here’s what I found:

If you know of any other Hindi related websites, please do share them with us! :)


  1. Hi, Dorothea! This is a great guide to learning Hindi free online! I’ve added links on my website.

    • Dorothea

      February 15, 2013 at 4:28 pm

      Thanks for linking to me, David! I’m glad you found my ‘little guide’ useful. And if you ever wish to add anything else to it, do let me know. :)

  2. thanks.

  3. lakshmanshukla

    March 5, 2013 at 1:59 am

    i want to teach the people who dont know hindi but know english so plz help me to teach them

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