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Why 2012 was a great year

Very often I make decisions in most people’s eyes seemingly absurd, stupid and naive. Maybe most of them are. I’ve always been a kind of an existential crisis that either numbed every one of my nerves and kept me paralyzed, either it pushed me in directions I had no idea even existed. I’m exhausted, sleepless, I haven’t had a real “vacation” since September, yet at the same time I’m very pleased with myself. So far I have done everything I wanted, regardless of what other people thought and how they discouraged me. “Find your passions and then follow them” is my motto and here’s where it brought me in 2012:

 1. The year of peculiar language learning

Hindi / Devanagari

A few days ago a friend from India asked me: “Are you still in unconditional love with India?” I never thought of it in this way, I guess this is one of the ways to describe my far distance relationship to this country. I still dream day and night of going there, still cook spicy Indian food and I’m still learning their language. 2012 has been one whole year of intensive Hindi lessons. Thanks to my great teacher I can finally read, write and even understand a great deal of Hindi. I’m not quite satisfied with my speaking skills, but  I’m hoping they’ll get better by the end of 2013. In addition to Hindi, I also started taking Portuguese and Urdu lessons.

2. The year of startups I.

d’Oro Tea Shop

In spite of all the languages courses I do in university, most of my energy went into a completely different direction. D. and I founded a company, which we finally got connected to tea merchants all over the world. Two weeks ago we opened the tea store we long dreamed of. Can’t wait to see how this little project evolves!

3.The year of startups II.

November I met Sergiu, the guy behind KeywordSearchRankings.com. We talked a lot about the local SEO tool he and his team are developing and eventually I joined them as a community manager. This was absolutely amazing, as I love the ideas behind the products they’re developing and I have always dreamed of being part of something that will eventually grow BIG. I’m quite confident that KeySR is one of those things. You should check it out. :)

4.First paid photography job

Me :)

I had my first paid photography job. Remember how I always used to complain about everyone expecting photographers to work for free? Those days are over now. Last year in April I signed a one year contract with my University and photographed lots of interesting projects and events for them. The pay wasn’t terrific, but I loved what I was doing. Unfortunately this collaboration ended by the end of the year.

5. Cooking can be fun

Once I moved away from home, I was for the first time confronted with an empty kitchen. It suddenly struck me: food does not arise from the ground. Nor does it appear out of nothing when you clap your hands. IT NEEDS TO BE COOKED. And so I started learning how to make simple recipes like pasta or  instant soup. This year I got sick of eating the same cheap things over and over again and saw myself forced to cook GOOD things. I and Dragos began preparing pizzas, cakes, Romanian recipes (mancarica de cartofi, sarmale, mamaliga, ciorba de perisoare etc) and we even got a little into the Indian cuisine: we successfully prepared all sorts of chicken masalas, biriyanis, pakoras, samosas and a few deserts, such as ras malai.

How was your 2012 and what were your top achievements of the year?


  1. 2012 was a good year for me as well, I can honestly say. Maybe not everything turned out as I had hoped, but at least I took those necessary steps. And after going through your achievement list, I am really glad I was a witness to some of those moments. Here’s to a fantastic 2013 where all those dreams from the other years come true!

    • I’m glad we spent so much time together in Berlin and regret not going out more often. We were both under a lot of pressure (essays, exams, deadlines etc), but in the end it all turned out well. You got that great masters degree and I passed all my exams.
      I can hardly wait to read about how it’s like to guide foreigners through our beloved country!! 😀

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